Young Traditions, Girls Apparel and Coordinates

Young Traditions, Girls Apparel and Coordinates

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Young Traditions Childrens Clothing and Accessories

What kind of fabric do you use?
All fabric is 100% cotton knit or lightweight polar fleece.

I'm worried about getting the right size or shrinking...
Our sizing is generous. We try to size by age group, and we're generally larger than clothing bought in many stores (something you normally see with higher-end clothing). We pre-shrink all of the fabric before it is manufactured to reduce (almost eliminate) any noticable shrinkage. We also can make special orders for the hard-to-fit child.

Any special laundry care instructions?
We recommend washing in cold water. Our clothing is easy to maintain. Just wash and dry. For best results, do not let washed items sit in the washer overnight. We stand behind our product, and problems with our colors bleeding are very rare. If any of the dyes do bleed, please contact us and we'll replace the item.

What about other colors or matching previous seasons?
We can make current designs in a variety of alternative colors (with a few weeks notice). All of the fabric is custom-made, so we normally have extra on hand. And, we can always make previous season items (sometimes a sweatshirt will fit for two years but the child outgrows the leggings (in length).

How do I know what size to purchase?
Please consult our Sizing Guide.

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